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Social work ignited a passion for creating and leading that began when she pitched and implemented a new admission and placement process while working in child welfare. This set off a love affair with innovation and creative problem-solving, particularly in the service of helping others. During this time, Julie suffered some tough personal losses that left her reeling, but also spawned a desire to help others through grief and loss. To do this, grad school was a necessity, so off to Loyola she went. While working part-time in academia to pay the bills, being a part-timer didn’t stop her from streamlining processes, rewriting policy, and forging business relationships in order to seamlessly coordinate care and ensure compliance.

After graduate school, Julie established a mental health practice. While being her own boss and guiding people towards clarity and wholeness was inspiring, fun and worthwhile, fighting insurance companies for reimbursement was not. At the same time, the losses she endured were drawing her to healthcare, particularly in the fields of gerontology and end-of-life care. So she made lemonade out of lemons by working within the hospice field, which was incredibly rewarding and sparked an interest in medicine that continues to this day.

In 2005, Julie was recruited to start a palliative care program at a hospital where she had built relationships in her prior role as a hospice clinical liaison. Her biggest challenge yet (this required a major culture change) was guiding this program from its infancy to its current iteration. This challenge was made even more difficult by the fact that Julie was a social worker, rather than a physician or nurse. To succeed, she learned a massive amount of acute medicine on the fly, gained the trust of her colleagues and built an initial program of one part-time FTE into a multidisciplinary team with regional oversight of 5 hospitals, a 300 to 400 annual patient census (per hospital), an outpatient clinic and costs savings in the millions. It was this role that honed Julie into a business developer, leader, innovator, change maker, and client relationship manager.

Julie has a knack for identifying problems and developing creative solutions. She also has a passion for meaningful work, a practical intelligence, a curious mind, and a systems approach which means she easily becomes a subject matter expert. However, Julie’s greatest skills come from years of giving people bad news - really bad news, like “your child has been taken into child protective services’ custody” or “your husband is never going to wake up again”. This demands an ability to create instant rapport with people from all walks of life and condense highly complex information into easily-understandable language. Truthfully, she has become so good at having these kinds of conversations that people actually thank her afterwards. Those thanks spring from the knowledge that Julie cares deeply about people and believes with her whole heart that helping people is the best kind of work. But what is most important to know about Julie is this - she always looks to be inspired and to be inspirational. Everything she’s ever done and will do comes from this place.

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